Who is Heather Balog?

Hi! I’m Heather Balog, mom of two teens and a needy dog, cheese and wine connoisseur, and author of a dozen or so books. I started writing almost ten years ago as an outlet for stress relief. Between my full time job, keeping my kids alive, and my obsessive exercise routines, there was not time for the nervous breakdown I needed to have.

That’s when I started writing, and discovered that not only was I good at, it was cheaper than the therapy that I definitely couldn’t afford. My lack of funds was mostly due to the fact that I had two growing children who seemed to eat 90% of the time when they were awake, and participated in non-stop activities the other 60% of the time—I know that doesn’t add up, but I’m a writer, not a mathematician. Oh, and also at the time, my German Shepherd was a puppy and he literally destroyed my house on a daily basis. Like when my back was turned he would eat the stuffing out of the couch, or he would rip the siding off the house when I was in the bathroom. Crap like that.

I wrote Women’s Fiction for a while before I discovered I loved writing Rom Coms and Cozy Mysteries. The Amy Maxwell series is based on the mom, or conglomerate of moms, I know. I love Amy Maxwell because she is so REAL and I think she’s incredibly relatable. She’s so much fun to write about as well. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do and a warning? Don’t take too much of it seriously. It’s all just fun and games. Until someone is murdered, of course.

If you love reading, check out my books, browse my social media, join my email list. We’ll have a great time. And if you love the beach, sarcastic comments, and wine at inappropriate hours, we’re going to get along super well.